6 Team Fall Draw A

DateTimeSheet 1Sheet 2Sheet 3Sheet 4Sheet 5Sheet 6
Nov-2819:001 vs 25 vs 63 vs 4
Dec-0519:001 vs 43 vs 52 vs 6
Dec-1219:004 vs 62 vs 51 vs 3
Dec-1919:005 vs 14 vs 26 vs 3
Jan-0219:002 vs 36 vs 14 vs 5


1Trevor Sandberg250-846-5269
2Ken Herman250-877-3507
3Joe deLaronde519-697-1564
4Ron Vanderstar250-847-8772
5Ed Maskiewich250-847-0770
6Greg Johnstone250-847-4014

At the completion of these draws, the team with the least points in draw A will drop to the B square and the team with the most points in draw B will advance to the A square

Total points will be calculated as follows

  • 4 points for a win
  • 2 points for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss or default
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